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£130 1-2-1 Red Deer Rut Photography Workshop

Unrivalled Training Throughout The Day

Prices for Red deer rut photography workshop

£130 Including Travel To And From Meeting Point

We shall meet at a meeting point at 5.00 am. We will then travel in my car to the location. I will be showing you how to set your camera up and what to focus on. What shutter speeds and what apertures to use and how to get the best photos of Red Deer
This is a one-to-one workshop to keep disturbance to a minimum

Red Deer Rut Leicester
Red Deer Rut Photography Workshop Leicester
Red Deer Rut Photography Workshop
Woburn Abbey Bedfordshire Deer Park
Deer Park Woburn Abbey Photohraphy Workshop
Wollaton Park Nottingham Deer Park
Red Deer Photography Workshop Wollaton Park Nottingham
Red Deer Photography Workshop Leicester 2018
Photography Workshop Bradgate Park Leicester
Red Deer Rut Wollaton Park Nottingham Photography Workshop 2018
Red Deer Rut at Woburn Abbey Photography Workshop
Bradgate Park Leicester, Woburn Abbey Bedfordshire, Wollaton Park Nottingham


DSLR Camera, Any Make Or Model
Lens as many lenses you have got 100mm up to 500mm,
Spare batteries and memory cards
External camera flash or a torch,
A tripod is essential,


Footwear boots or wellingtons & Gloves
Waterproof dark colour clothing you my have to kneel or lay down on the ground, this is not a fashion show keeping warm is essential.

A hot flask of tea or coffee, something to nibble and packed lunch.

Some locations do not have toilets on site and the ground is uneven, with lots of walking

Red Deer Information

The red deer is the largest land-mammal in the UK with a males (stags) standing 107-137cm at the shoulder and weighing 90-190kg. Adult females (hinds) reach a height of 107-122cm at the shoulder and weigh 63-120kg

The mating season, known as the rut, begins in mid September and continues to late October. Red deer are herbivores and graze a wide variety of plants from grasses and heather to shrubs and trees they have magnificent branched antlers that can reach up to 1 metre in width Deer are active throughout the 24 hour period but make more use of open spaces during the hours of darkness in populations experiencing frequent disturbance. Peak times of activity are at dawn and dusk Antlers are shed each Spring

Fallow Deer Description Male fallow deer (bucks) have ‘palmate’ antlers - a wider and flatter spread with less distinct tines than the red deer, these are broad and shaped like a shovel Fallow Deer Reproduction When competing for access to females, males ‘display’ by groaning, thrashing their antlers and by walking alongside their opponent. Fighting occurs if both stags are evenly matched and involves wrestling and clashing of antlers

What's included

unrivalled experience of camera setup and training throughout the day. Travel to and from the meeting point

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Dates for October 2018

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1-2-1 Red Deer Rut Photography Workshop

Photographing the red deer rut photographers all over the country or out looking for that perfect picture the male red deer at the rutting season they stands big and proud, quite widespread throughout country parks and deer park photographers still struggle to get good quality pictures a lot of it is down to the technique thet they use, not really understanding about composition and lighting being there at the right time of day is a key part, when you come with me on the deer rut photography workshop I will show you the camera settings to be used and why we use them, Of course we all love the stacks fighting and you never know we may be lucky enough to see it and if we do you will need to know before it happens what camera settings to be using, how to get to them quickly you may only have a few minutes to do so I will teach you all this on the day so if you're looking for that special photo, Then come wth me,

Photographing the largest British mammal at its most powerful - during the rut. We aim to witness some fantastic rut behaviour and photograph the champion stags roaring with all their might. We go for both action and portraits, near and far. We also explore how to get great animals in their environment shots. Knowing where to find them is the key.

Places You Can See Red Deer

Bradgate Park  ---  Ashridge Estate --- Calke Abbey Park --- Chatsworth Park --- Prinknash Deer Park --- Woburn Abbey  --- Burghley House --- Belton House Park --- Wollaton Park  --- Cannock Forest --- Broadway Country Park

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