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£230 Osprey Photography Workshop at Horn Mill Trout Farm

Prices for Osprey photography workshop

What's included

unrivalled experience of camera setup and training.
Entery cost to hide, travel to and from the meeting point

We shall meet at a meeting point at 9.00 am. We will then travel in my car to the location. I will be showing you how to set your camera and what to focus on. What shutter speeds and what apertures to use, and how to get the best photos of fishing Ospreys at Horn Mill Trout Farm.

This hide can only hold six people so places and dates are limited Book Now Or You Will Miss It

Horn Mill Trout Farm Osprey Photography Workshop Rutland
Photography Workshop At Horn Mill Trout Farm
2018 Osprey Photography Workshop At Horn Mill Trout Farm
Osprey Photography Workshop Leicester

Just watching ospreys fishing so close is exciting, but to be able to photograph them is amazing. Rutland water new photography hide at horn mill trout farm 2018,

What to bring:


DSLR Camera, Any Make Or Model
Lens as many lenses you have got 70mm up to 400mm,
Spare batteries and memory cards
Camera bean bag


Footwear boots
Waterproof clothing this is not a fashion show keeping warm is essential.

A hot flask of tea or coffee, something to nibble and packed lunch.

Some locations do not have toilets on site and the ground may be uneven,

Facts About Ospreys

In 2001 ospreys also bred at Rutland Water, the result of an imaginative translocation programme, with young birds from Scottish nests moved and released at the reservoir. Often a pair will build a nest and establish a territory in their first year together and will return to breed the following year. Ospreys, especially the males, usually return to breed in the area in which they fledged.

Ospreys are very vocal and you at times will here them before you see them, they will use all the pond area to fish, when they dive they come down at some speed with a great plunge and splash its after the splash that you want to start taking your shots but easy said then done these birds are fast, you don't want to fire of your camera fill the buffer just to have a load of splashed shots where you can't see the bird, then the Osprey flies out of the splash with trout in talons' flies right by you but now you can't take a shot your card is still buffing, SO its all about timing and if you are lucky one diving Osprey my do a false dive and hover briefly above the water then fly slowly over the pond "happy days".

This Hide Books Up Fast. So Book Now Or You Will Miss It

booking osprey photography workshop Horn Mill Trout Farm

Please read this carefully
I have some fixed dates that I make available

Monday 15th July 2019
Wednesday 17th July 2019
Thursday 18th July - FULL

I also offer the option of the next date the hide is free for this to work I need your phone number fill in the form in the comment box type in some dates that you are available to come I will then contact the hide to see if they are free I will then ring you as this is the fastest way of contacting you to let you know which one is free or not you then have to make payment the same to book the workshop
If No Osprey You Get A Free Day To Go Back To The Hide Unaccompanied
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Horn Mill Trout Farm Osprey Photography Workshop

Horn Mill Trout Farm Osprey Photography Workshop

1-2-1 at Horn Mill Trout Farm On Our Osprey Photography Workshop in Rutland

The Osprey Horn Mill hide is a purpose built hide in Rutland with fishing Ospreys in mind. A guide will be in radio contact with us informing us that the osprey are above helping to decide when and where the Ospreys will go down. The Osprey hide is situated right on the water edge and no matter where an Osprey dives it will be in view of the camera lens. Some of the Ospreys hit the water as close as 3m from the hide !! At Horn Mill hide you may also see Kingfishers and Red kites
Rutland Water new photography hides at Horn Mill Trout Farm 2018

This Photography Workshop will be at Horn Mill Trout Farm Osprey Photography Workshop Rutland


The osprey hide at is now in its third year it is grown in popularity year by year with photographers travelling quite some distance to be there, To have the chance to see ospreys fishing so close is exciting in itself, To be able to photograph ospreys fishing right in front of you is a great opportunity, Unfortunately a lot of photographers amateurs and professionals alike turn up not knowing really what to expect not prepared not really understanding the best settings to give themselves the best chance photographing fishing ospreys,

I am a professional. Wildlife photographer for over 20 years and I have taught many amateurs and professional photographers techniques to give them the best opportunity to photograph wildlife the training you will receive on the day is 2nd to none camera setup what focus on when to take photos that will help you get better photos of the osprey

I will check all your camera settings to make sure that they are at there best and explain these to you if you, Choose to come with myself on the osprey workshop you will have an 8o% more chance of leaving the osprey hide with good pictures of osprey then you would if you visited it on your own,

You may only get one-shot on the day you visit one-shot and if you miss it you come away with nothing or worse with bad photos, So if you want that special photo of a fishing osprey and your planning to go to Osprey Hide at Horn Mill Trout Farm Rutland then come on my 1-2-1 photography workshop for ospreys fishing at Horn Mill Trout Farm Rutland for an unrivalled experience of camera setup and training,

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please wait for me to ring you to confirm the date is free I will check the hide is available. I will ring and text you for a fast response, places go fast so book early
Once a payment has been made, it is non-refundable. If for any reason you need to amend your booking, we will make every effort to rearrange your booking for a convenient date. Unfortunately, you will not be able to change your booking less than 72 hours prior to your visit.
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