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1-2-1 Adder & Grass Snake Workshop

£130 Price includes travel to and from the meeting point

Unrivalled Training Throughout The Day

Price for snake photography workshop

We shall meet at a meeting point at 8.00 am. We will then travel in my car to the location. There I will show you how to find the snakes and how to approach them. I will help set up your camera, showing you how to use aperture priority and maintain correct shutter speed. This is a one-to-one workshop to keep disturbance to a minimum

Male adder in leicester
Adder Photography in Rutland
Photographing Adders in Norfolk
Adder Photography Leicester
Grass Snake Leicester
Grass snake photography workshop leicester
Grass Snake Photography Workshop at Rutland
Snake photography in leicestershire
Photographing Adders in thr wild

If I'm Unable To Find Any Snakes You Will Be Offered A Free Day To Come Back.

Leicester, Rutland, Norfolk

What to bring:


DSLR Camera, Any Make Or Model
Lens as many lenses you have got 70mm up to 300mm, Macro lens are good
It is also good to bring spare batteries and memory cards
External camera flash or a torch, if you have off-camera flashes they also work very good



boots or wellingtons


clothing you my have to kneel or lay down on the ground, this is not a fashion show keeping warm is essential.


A hot flask of tea or coffee, something to nibble on and packed lunch.


Some locations do not have toilets on site and the ground is uneven, with lots of walking

Facts About Adders
Adders are small in size. Females are slightly longer and wider than males. They are usually 24 to 35 inches long, Adders are easily recognized by the unique zigzag pattern on their back. Females adders are often white or grey in color. They have a black pattern on their backs. Males adders are usually brown or reddish in color.

Adders are carnivores. They eat different kind of animals: voles, shrews, mice, lizards, newts, frogs, small birds and insects. they often bask in the sun. Adders are the only venomous snakes found in Britain,

Facts About Grass Snakes
The grass snake is the largest species of British snake, and is identified by a distinctive yellow and black collar behind the head and have round pupils. The grass snake can range from 70-100cm (27-39in) in length. Females tend to be longer than males, however males have a longer tail section than females.

Hibernation Grass Snakes typically emerge from hibernation in March or April and spend the first few days close to the hibernaculum. They will then move away in search of food and a mate, with mating itself taking place in April or May. and bask in short grass

Adder Photography Workshop Runs In March

Booking adder photography workshop
Please note this workshop is whether dependent and time dependent
if it rains on the day you have booked and we cannot arrange another day
a refund will be given

Dates for March 2019

Saturday 16th March -- FULL

Monday 18th March
Tuesday 19th March
Wednesday 20th March
Thursday 21st March
Friday 22nd March
Saturday 23rd March -- FULL

Adder & Grass Snake Photography Workshop Runs In March Every Year

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Adder & Grass Snake Photography Workshop, in Leicester, Rutland, Norfolk

1-2-1 Adder & Grass Snake Photography Workshop in Leicester, Rutland, Norfolk

Photographing snakes in the wild is quite exciting although the don't move very fast to be able to find one get up close photograph it is a challenge, On this one day photography workshop photographing adders and Grass snakes I will be showing you how to find them and what to look for, I will show you how to use your camera to give you the best opportunity to get the best pictures on the day you will learn about Aperture priority ISOs exposure compensation and shutter speeds
Depending on the day and external flash for the camera is very helpful even a standard torch helps adding extra light to snakes

In the weeks running up to the Snake workshops I will be out checking to see where the Adders & Grass snakes are showing best. The Adders & Grass snake are completely wild and free, they are un-predictable and I cannot guarantee them. However I have been photographing these snakes for over 7 years and I know my sites extremely well & I have always been able to find them.
The Adder & Grass snake workshops are specifically focussed on finding and photographing them. Shy & difficult to find let alone photograph. The adder is non-aggressive. With patience and good field craft we aim to track down grass snakes & adders to photograph them in their natural environment. To get close up and photograph snakes as they warm up after their winter dormancy

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