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Book your day In the Osprey Hide Workshop Rutland Water

Copywright Davina & Andrew Photography 2007

Ospreys fishing Photography Workshop

Book your day on are Osprey Photography Workshop in the Hide at Rutland Water

This one day Photography workshops for Ospreys will be run by myself.

You will be given more information regarding specific locations, times nearer the date
Osprey photography workshop at Rutland water Osprey Hide Runs June 2017
Osprey Photography Workshop
Option 1

12pm till Dusk ( include Parking, & Hide )  £160 Max no 3   Deposit £30

Osprey Photography Workshop
Option 2
12pm till Dusk ( include Parking, & Hide )  £240  1-2-1 Deposit £30

The best osprey hide in rutland to see fishing ospreys

The osprey hide is a purpose built hide in rutland with fishing Ospreys in mind, a guide will be in radio contact with us informing us that the osprey are above helping to describe when and where the osprey will go down.

The osprey hide in rutland are situated right on the water edge and no matter where an osprey dives it will be in view of the camera lens. The pond is stocked with fish that are the correct size for ospreys, providing an even stronger lure for them when they fly over our ponds. Some of the osprey birds hit the water as close as 3m from the hide !!

Everything has been done possible to make the hide and the setting suitable for photography and coupled with the chance to photograph our resident Kingfishers and Herons there is normally plenty to see in a session.

Ospreys are very vocal and you at times will here them before you see them, they will use all the pond area to fish, when they dive they come down at some speed with a great plunge and splash its after the splash that you want to start taking your shots but easy said then done these birds are fast, you don't want to fire of your camera fill the buffer just to have a load of splashed shots where you can't see the bird, then the Osprey flies out of the splash with trout in talons' flies right by you but now you can't take a shot your card is still buffing, SO its all about timing and if you are lucky one diving Osprey my do a false dive and hover briefly above the water then fly slowly over the pond "happy days".

osprey fishing
osprey in sky
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