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Book a Day for the Adder Workshop

Copywright Davina & Andrew Photography 2007

Adder Photography Workshop

Book Your Day for the Adder Photography Workshop

This one day Photography workshops for Adders will be run by myself.
You will be given more information regarding specific locations, times nearer the date
Adder photography workshop in Rutland & Norfolk Runs March 2017
Adder sunbathing
Adder ready to streak
Adder Curled Up
Adder Photography Workshop
Option 1 Max of 3

10am to 4pm ( include Parking, ) lots of walking good boots needed £130 max 3

Adder Photography Workshop
Option 2  1-2-1
10am to 4pm ( include Parking, ) lots of walking good boots needed £230 -  1-2-1

In the weeks running up to the adder workshops I will be out checking to see where the Adders are showing best. The Adders are completely wild and free, they are un-predictable and I cannot guarantee them. However I have been photographing these Adders for over 7 years and I know my sites extremely well & I have always been able to find them.

The Adder workshops are specifically focussed on finding and photographing adders. Shy & difficult to find let alone photograph. The adder is non-aggressive. With patience and good field craft we aim to track down adders to photograph them in their natural environment.

To get close up and photograph adders as they warm up after their winter dormancy

What to bring: DSLR camera, lens 100mm or over outdoor clothing including boots or wellies, a packed lunch

Facts About Adders

Adders are small in size. Females are slightly longer and wider than males. They are usually 24 to 35 inches long,  Adders are easily recognized by the unique zigzag pattern on their back. Males adders are often white or grey in color. They have black pattern on backs. Females adders are usually brown or reddish in color.

Adders are carnivores. They eat different kind of animals: voles, shrews, mice, lizards, newts, frogs, small birds and insects. 
Depending on the climate, adders are active either during the day (colder climate) or later in the afternoon (warmer climate). Since adders are cold-blooded creatures, they often bask in the sun. 

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