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About Andrew
Hi I am Andrew Swinfield and I live in Leicester.

I have wrote this section so you can perhaps understand a bit more about me.

I try to get along with everyone I meet regardless of their religion or education. I treat everybody as equals.

I believe we all have knowledge mine is photography understanding exposures, composition, light. I think I understand people I get a good idea of what they want from me in their photos whether I am doing a wedding photography or a wildlife shoot. I listen to what people say and using my photography skills I try to photograph it for them.

Living with photography as I do, I don’t really get a holiday because I am forever taking photos. So last year I decided that I would go on a weeks holiday with my family and take no cameras so I could just enjoy playing with them go out at night and have a meal and generally relax.

People say I am a calm patient person, I can sit for 14 hours just waiting for wildlife, but this also help me in the wedding photography and the photography courses that I run. As we all know some people can take a lot of patience.

I love photographing weddings being around people seeing how happy they are, I get great pleasure when taking someone on a photography course, showing them something new so they can enjoy photography as I do.

If you are reading this you may be considering having me as your wedding photographer, or coming on a photography course, and you were wondering that if our personalities would get along, it is important you get along with your photographer. This may give you a little insight about me but you should really meet someone to know them better.

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